mars 22, 2012

Circles and stuff

Who would have known. The elasticity of forgettable events would pass this kind of shadow over my present. He sat there, looking at the screen infront of him. Couldn’t move. Couldn’t think. Just a pragmatic, work alike looking kind of gaze. The repetitiveness of his lifeline was beginning to exert its sense of boredom on every tick of the clock.

It was a while back he had realized that everything was moving in circles. Regardless if he wanted it too or not, life tended to bend things into unavoidable patterns that were next to impossible to break free from. He had hopes for the future in his diminishing short term memory which at least gave him the periodically timed sense that he was actually moving forward. He tilted his head and looked at her picture. It was taken 3 years prior to the now elapsing seconds. She was beautiful as she appeared on the screen. It amazed him how some people could look so beautiful, regardless of dimension.

She was looking out of the screen as to say with her eyes that she was moving his way. He thought ”Come, I’m not moving a single bit…”. Stranded in that thought he felt a sudden increase in his pulse. Considering the time was nearing the end of work day, he could not remain in this state of mind for long. Kakis do not permit work hour arousal. But sure, she was one beautiful creation of God. And boy, he wasn’t.

Many times he wondered why the elementary school comments of ”you’re going to make it big one day” never seemed to come true. If this was big, it must be referring to his oversized belly rather than social status. He had always hoped for the later, but gotten stuck with the first.

He let his fingers dwell away with some random searches. Euphoria is supposedly ”..recognized as a mental and emotional condition in which a person experiences intense feelings of well-being..” Not applicable, he thought. He tried something more close to heart… Pizza is associated with Dominos. True that!! he almost said out loud as he high fived the empty pizza box still resting on his cubical workplace desk. Giggeling from his own excitement over absolutely nothing. ”Just started laughing about absolutely nothing…”, he posted to Facebook.

Vanessa Parkinson likes your status.

Peter Franklin: Must have another view than the one I have from over here…

He clicked Like on Peters comment and followed up with a ”LOL, you know how accounting really is the schizzl… how’s your wife by the way…?”

Replies came fast. Then nothing. He stopped and reflected for a while. What the heck was he doing. Was this really what would become of life, he asked himself. Who was he… really? Perhaps Google has the answer to that as well.

Started typing…. ”Peter is a…”