juli 25, 2011

What the world needs to do now

#1. Stop producing bullets, guns don’t kill people, bullets do

#2. Stop preaching fear and prejudice in media

#3. Start lecturing 50% history of love in schools instead of 100% history of war

#4. Let’s put empathy in front of economics in political discussion, there is nothing wrong with caring

#5. Stop trying to solve problems with bombs, they hurt

#6. Don’t judge people you don’t want to be judged by

#7. Let’s start living every day as though it was our first instead of living as though it was our last, we’ll care more that way

#8. Never turn the other cheek, look into the eyes of the other person and ask why, then listen

#9. Don’t dress up for other people, dress how you feel so that people know how to approach you

#10. continue in the comments….

  • Åke Nolemo

    An alternative to #7: Live like there is a tomorrow.
    #10 To love is more important than to be loved. If we all love, you will be loved.