december 29, 2012

Thank you Pepsi

I will write this blog post in English as some of the intended readers aren’t Swedish speakers. I use this blog as this post really isn’t suitable in my marketing blog. So. What is it that I want to write about… I want to write a open thank you note to some people who have meant a lot to me over the past few years.

As many of my friends know. I have spent the past 2.5-3 years working with Pepsi in the Nordics. It has been far from an ordinary assignment. Starting out with a real tricky situation, ending with a next to unreal relationship between myself and the brand. The past few years I have met some extraordinary people through PepsiCo and Carlsberg. I have had the tremendous opportunity to serve a brand that wants to challenge, explore and take risks in order to communicate the essence of living life through an extended vision, sharpened by cola.

I did not think that I could fall in love with a brand. Neither did I ever believe, I cared too much about products. However. With Pepsi, all of that changed, all at once. It has been a crazy time. Regardless of whatever technical challenges we have met. We have grown like mad. Carlsberg and Momentum have kicked ass at the resellers. Whilst the rest of us have done our best trying to engage users online. So. With no further ado. Here are some thanks I want to write to the people I met through the years.

For some of you this might be uncomfortable to read. But hey. This is me. I am open hearted :).

To Djamila at PepsiCo. When everyone else was talking about demographics, you brought light to my otherwise stale existence at Honesty by basing your brief on behavior. I was overjoyed. The following 6-9 months that we got to work on the same project, was some of the craziest times I have ever gone through working in any shape or form (perhaps with the exception of the time I was working as a bouncer…) Alas the endless powerpoint presentations, but we really did kick some butt! Don’t think I could have had a better teacher in PepsiCo fundamentals and KNOW I wouldn’t have had the chance to do all the rest of it, if it wasn’t for your trust and belief in that we were doing the right thing. THANK YOU for believing in my sometimes insane ideas and giving me the confidence to push when things were looking pretty grim there for a while.

To Ellinor at Carlsberg. What can I say. You are the smile that has given us all a source of energy. Sometimes, even when we don’t deserve it. You have proven resilient through all types of weather. The only original gangster besides myself left until now. I hope that you won’t forget the Pepsi Moments and that you call me first when you want to shift work place :). (And I hope I can do the same… haha…)

To Jeff at PepsiCo. I really don’t think you get how much your phone call meant during spring of 2011 when you were about to leave PepsiCo. Perhaps you don’t even remember what it was about. All I can say is that it was highly appreciated. You have a favor to collect sometime down the line.

To Tomas at Carlsberg. You crazy m.o.f.!! If it wasn’t for your introduction to the Sound of Football guys, I don’t know where we would have ended up in 2011.  😀 That was an awesome thing. Still a bit pissed I didn’t get any football tickets, but I guess you knew I wouldn’t have time to use them anyhow. Your shift of careers actually inspired me to make the final decision that I needed to quit working with advertising. (More on that in another post.)

To Tom at PepsiCo. We’ve had some interesting phone calls to say the least. What a rush. Those guys really weren’t up to no good. LOL… On a more thankful note… I know you must have pulled some strings to let some of my experiments get through the corporate filter. To name one… Never had any problems with redirecting domains after your e-mail ”setting things straight”! Access made easy! Thank you for that!

To Juliana at Prime. So much fun. But seriously. You even give me bad conscience about work ethics. If I am half of the worker, and one third of the father you are when I have kids, I deserve an award. Meaning.. you deserve an award right now. People like you make me believe in peace in the middle east! Nough said!

To Peder at PepsiCo. What’s this fascination thing with Hockey? No one likes Hockey anymore!! Give us Zlatan! 😀 Nah… seriously. Your demand for tangible rewards turned out to be what made things work in the end. Considering you always say you’re not a digital native, it is surprising how well your intuition turned out to be true. I don’t think even one of all the web experts out could foresee the shift from research to purpose driven behavior that happened in March of this year. Somehow you did. Need to get schooling from you some day!

To Marita at PepsiCo. You’re like a sharp shooter. Who ever recruited you to PepsiCo should be promoted as you sure as hell will take their place in the coming months. The subtle way you set your ideas to the table means you listen before you decide. And!! We got the coupons working!! LOL 😀

To Sara at You rock! But I think you already know that. Won’t boost your ego more than I already have. Just happy that you and Maria shouldered the pressure when I decided to fall in love and move to the states for a few months.

Hmm… anyone left… hmm… I wonder… AH!!

To Åke. We truly kicked some FB ass. There aren’t too many pages in Sweden with more fans than Pepsi now. Considering we worked with a soft drink, that is a pretty astonishing accomplishment.

SOFIA!! What can I say. You are a kick ass boss! There were many times I know I could have given you an easier ride, but I surely hope the full journey was worth it. And you know what. We will make it. Beating all the goals we setup. Some by a shit load of percent, others by just a fraction. Either way. We will have beaten them all. We even made QR-codes work this year. Don’t think anyone else have gotten those to work EVER in Sweden before. What we didn’t cover during the past two years or so, is not worth covering in a project. You have the ability to keep the pressure on whilst letting creativity flow freely. I do not know how you do it, but it is an ability needed in far too many organizations. Considering the level of discussions we had in the end of our collaboration, I think digital is now your native tongue. There aren’t many clients I have ever been able to talk about A-record delegations, win-back e-mail campaigns, viral posts or  SEO with, without having to explain 100 times what it is. Thank you so much for wanting to work with me, for giving me a smack in the head when I deserved it and for giving me a high five when needing it!

Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to get better at what I do whilst working with something I love!

Oh yeah. Although you won’t pay me next year. You still won’t get rid of me. You see… there was this one idea you guys didn’t let me do which you now have to sue me to stop doing! Mwuhahaha!!

Good luck to Sara, Marita, Peder, Cohne & Wolfe, Society46 and all the rest of you guys who continue the beef with the Red Gigant next year!


  • Peder

    Hi Jesper, and thank you for kind words! We feel the exact same with you! None of this (our digital journey) would have been realized without you and your fantastic expertise!!!!! You have been outstanding in short, and if you ever need some kind of verification of your skills to a second/third party, let me know!! Best of luck with your new endavours. Ps. Perhaps its time to let hockey go…..:-)